CJCC Key Principles





The CJCC cricket formats outlined in this document are a clear attempt to present the game in a manner that takes into account the development level of players from age approximately 5 years to 17 years old. These formats apply to all CJCC Member Associations/Councils.



Guaranteed Participation

The cricket structure commences with Woolworths Junior Blasters (age 5 – 7 years) and Master Blasters (age 7 - 9 years) followed by identical levels of participation for all players (Under 10) to progress and allow the more skillful players increasing opportunities to display their talents. However, even at the Under 17s level of community cricket the CJCC wants to see every player have the opportunity to participate either to bat or bowl in every game. The CJCC strongly recommends that in all age groups, Coaches endeavour to ensure that all the overs are bowled and that all the allocated time is used (taking into account the exceptions in the individual rules), for example in one day matches a second innings can be played (though this would be rare).




Duty of care is a prime consideration with all junior sport. The CJCC endorses the current guidelines for Player safety outlined in the Cricket Australia’s Well Played document. Consideration was given to the physical, mental and social development of players in formulating appropriate game formats. Particular reference is made in these rules in relation to equipment, facilities and game formats.




The CJCC recognizes that a strong link exists between the levels of enjoyment and satisfaction gained through the team sport of cricket and the extent to which players develop their skills and remain in the game over many years. In junior cricket, these experiences are developed by providing high levels of participation within a positive, enthusiastic and competitive environment.