CJCC Mid-Season Letter
Date of Event Community Junior Cricket Council: Thu Jan 3, 2019 10:05AM

Happy New Year to all and hopefully everyone has had an enjoyable holiday period.


As we enter the second half of the Community Junior Cricket season, the CJCC have a few points which they wish to remind all officials, parents and players of. Please see below for information about this.



Dear Members of the Community Junior Cricket family. (Parents, Officials and Players)


I hope that you have enjoyed the Spring part of your Cricket Season for the 2018-19 year and that those on the new formats are finding them engaging and enjoyable.  There are some small changes and corrections needed to these rules for next season but always remember the rules are designed to increase engagement, guarantee fair opportunity to all players and especially in the earlier years improve skills.


There are however a few points of concern which all members need to focus on for the rest of the season.


Participation vs Win at all Cost mentality.

Adults, both Officials and Parents must understand that community cricket is participation focused. Kids do enjoy winning but playing and having fun is more important. For those who want to play/be involved at a more competitive level the premier cricket pathway is available to you.


If we keep participation (everyone having a go) and having fun as our priority the enjoyment level for players will increase. Often players in over competitive sides fear opening the batting or bowling as they risk not being good enough, this should not be the experience in Community Junior Cricket.


Coaches, Officials and Spectators.

Feedback from Associations have highlighted that the biggest issues at games so far this season are coming from the Adults becoming too involved with outcomes on the day. This does nothing to improve the experience for your child, or teach them that official’s and umpire’s decisions, particularly must be accepted.  Arguing with the opposition and officials, overcoaching at games and sledging or making detrimental comments are not parts of our game. These behaviours can also embarrass your child even though they may not say so to you, studies in a number of sports has shown this as a major concern of players.


CJCC Codes of Behaviour – Players, Parents, Coaches and Umpires.

Respect for others is essential. Codes of Behaviour are agreed to when you register your child to play in any association which is affiliated with the CJCC. Associations will be taking action against those who misbehave and bring the game into disrepute. Penalties such as loss of match points and suspensions are available for Associations to use when the Codes of Behaviour aren’t adhered to. If you cannot follow this ideal then it would be better for you to sit away from others or not attend at all.


Junior Umpires.

All Associations are training and using junior umpires. As with batters and bowlers’ umpires will make mistakes, they won’t however be biased and both sides will be treated the same. Criticism by adults at games is not appropriate.  All Associations have feedback systems to train their umpires and your club will know what these are and will use these when necessary.


Fun and Zero Tolerance for Poor Behaviour.

The most important outcome to all is to enjoy the games, have fun and make friends with peers playing within and against your club. Kids having fun make everyone want to come back next week and next year and this is the purpose of Community Cricket so please get involved and have fun.  If you see behaviour which you don’t think is acceptable let your club know and they can handle it or pass it on to your Association to deal with as we want a zero tolerance of these negative behaviours.


For Our Players.

Players enjoy the rest of your season, develop your skills and enjoy your games. Your behaviour towards others reflects who you are and what you want to be in the future, being skilful and knowing your game are positives but putting others down and not encouraging others is not what we should be doing.

Be respectful - winning feels good when it is done in a respectful and encouraging way.


Your Sincerely


Jamie Chappell


Community Junior Cricket Council.

Last updated: Thursday January 3, 2019 6:34PM
Author: CJCC Administrator